Some brands say that it all begins with the beard. At Barberus, we're more interested in the man behind the beard.

Barberus was founded to bring the best of traditional beard care into an exciting new era. We're not cavemen or Victorian gents anymore, so we believe that male grooming should be fun, easy, and convenient for everyone. This led to us developing the Barberus Collection – a range of top-quality beard care products optimized for beards of any length, size, or texture. Whether you're the all-time beard-growing champion or just starting out, Barberus has just the right solutions to make cleansing, conditioning, and styling truly effortless.


Every time we create a new Barberus product, we look at how we can draw on the nourishing gifts of nature and imbue them with all the advantages modern ingenuity can provide. Each of our products has its own unique character and benefits, but they all carry that same Barberus stamp of quality.