A great beard wash is a must for great grooming. They say you can tell exactly what a guy's been up to, just from looking at his beard, and it is amazing what can get stuck in there: dirt, crumbs, dead skin cells, and a whole lot of sweat. Apart from looking (and smelling!) nasty, a beard that isn't regularly cleaned will go from zero to crazy itchy in record time. Plus trapped bacteria wreak havoc on your facial skin.


Barberus Beard Wash makes those regular washes a breeze – and a joy. Unlike regular shampoo, our gentle yet super-effective Beard Wash is specially formulatedto protect your beard's natural oils, ensuring it stays soft and smooth, with a silky after-feel. The rich lather, infused with Dead Sea minerals, immediately relieves irritation while ensuring a deep, thorough cleanse. You won't even need to use a conditioner.


Directions:Apply warm water to your beard and face. Squeeze a small amount of liquid into your hands and massage the beard until fully lathered. Rinse well.