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Barberus – Beard Wash

Effective daily cleansing is an absolute must for any beardsman, and Barberus Beard Wash makes regular washes a breeze – and a joy. Unlike regular shampoo, our gentle yet super-effective Beard Wash is specially formulated to cleanse away built-up dirt, sweat, crumbs, dead cells, and more, without stripping away your beard's natural oils. That means your beard stays feeling soft and silky-smooth, while your skin remains fantastically fresh and free from irritation.


Ingredient Spotlight

  • Dead Sea Minerals – Packed with essential minerals like magnesium, sodium, and potassium, helping to hydrate, nourish, and relieve facial skin.


Directions: Apply warm water to your beard and face. Squeeze a small amount of liquid into your hands and massage the beard until fully lathered. Rinse well.

Licensed by the Ministry of Health

Manufactured and Distributed by Bio Direct Ltd., 42 HaKadar Street, Netanya