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"How can I grow a fuller beard faster?" After we heard (and asked) that question a few hundred times, we challenged our top beard experts to come up with a real, clinically-backed solution. And this is the result: Barberus Growth Stimulator Serum Balm, which harnesses a dream team of powerful active ingredients proven to stimulate outstanding beard growth. So if you want to start growing a beard, fill in patchy growth, or give your beard an extra boost, this is the exclusive growth stimulator of your dreams.


Ingredient Spotlight

  • Redensyl®– Reactivates hair follicle stem cells to encourage growth.
  • Capixyl™– Reduces hair loss, for a fuller, thicker beard.
  • Riboxyl™ – Natural cellular energizer.
  • Melitane™ – Protects against inflammation and UV damage.


Directions: Cleanse with Barberus Beard Wash and gently dry with a towel.Massage a small amount of Growth Stimulator Serum Balm directly into the face and beard roots.Use twice a dayfor maximum results.

Licensed by the Ministry of Health

Manufactured and Distributed by Bio Direct Ltd., 42 HaKadar Street, Netanya