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The perfect care kit, containing everything your beard needs: From Cleansing & Nourishment to Shaping, Growth & Grooming

The Kit Includes:

Beard Oil – Contains a unique complex of pure natural oils (argan, jojoba, avocado, castor, and more) for optimal nourishment, hydration, and split end prevention while also maintaining ideal skincare.

Conditioning Shampoo – Specially formulated to cleanse away dirt, sweat, crumbs, dead cells, and other residue without stripping the beard’s essential natural oils. The result is a beard with a soft, silky-smooth appearance as well as wonderfully fresh skin free from irritation.

Beard Softening Serum – Enriched with natural oils, moisture, vitamin E, antioxidants, and softeners to rapidly penetrate even the roughest, coarsest beard hair, restoring optimal hydration and taming frizz. The beard is left feeling soft, refreshed, and ready for easy styling in line with your personal taste.

Beard Styling Cream – Brimming with natural nourishing oils that impart all the vital moisture your beard needs, giving it effortless style, shape, and all-day hold.

Growth Stimulator Serum Balm – Harnesses a dream team of powerful active ingredients proven to stimulate outstanding beard growth. So if you want to start growing a beard, fill in patchy growth, or simply give your beard an extra boost, this is exactly the product you need.

Beard Roller – Encourage beard regrowth through a natural, controlled process with mesotherapy micro-needles to promote a healthy, well-groomed look.

Beard Comb – A superb comb ideal for quick on-the-go beard grooming, tidying, and shaping.

Beard Brush – When combined with other Barberus products, this brush optimizes their distribution throughout the beard and improves product efficacy, preventing split ends while enhancing a healthier, shinier, and fuller-looking beard.

Travel Bag – Keep all your Barberus products in one handy travel bag for simple, stylish storage.

All Barberus products are formulated to achieve peak synergy and maximum results, giving you outstanding beard care every time.