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The sexy bearded look is also attainable for males who suffer from sparse or slow hair growth, and in cases where facial hair is weak and brittle.

The derma roller is a small device that does wonders for facial hair using
mesotherapy - an advanced treatment method. The method has been around
for decades as an effective treatment for damaged skin and for skin care. In
recent years, the method has been applied for another use, and encourages
facial hair growth for a healthier and stronger beard. The derma roller device includes a high quality stainless steel roller with hundreds of delicate needles. When the device is turned on, the needles penetrate the dermis, the internal layer of the skin. This action stimulates the body’s mechanism of reacting to a foreign invader, and embarks on a process of natural healing, which includes the generation of collagen and keratin proteins. These proteins are responsible, among other things, for the health of the facial skin and hair. So, through a natural and controlled process, the needles’ action encourages renewed facial hair growth, and creates a healthy and well-groomed complexion!

The device has a comfortable and easy to use handle, which enables multi-directional movement over the skin, without needing to apply pressure to
achieve optimal results.
Instructions for use: Use once to twice a week. Gently roll the device in
different directions over the beard area.